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"Everything WOKE, turns to SHIT!" -Donald J. Trump

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September 11, 2001 was murder on Video

September 11, 2001 was a cover-up of biblical proportions. Crime was covered by MURDER.

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Population Control Is On The Horizon

Putting sick covid-scricken patients into a old age care facility is just 1 way to get rid of people quick..

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Ashley Babbit was killed by a black man

Capital Hill police kill a young woman in cold blood with a gun INSIDE the building.

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Spiritual warfare is coming soon

You had better choose a side as the cutting edge of the blade from GOD's sword rips though America.

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ShitSHOW JOE BIDEN is at it again

If Joe Biden isn't assassinated, something is seriously wrong with America.

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2+2=4 Anything else is satanic

To say that MATH is racist is like saying we stand in the sky. NONRACE wins everytime. GOD as well.

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Stop The Shot Pt.1

Taking a shot full of chemicals is one thing, killing yourself knowingly is another.

839 Views Watch Now

Stop The Shot Pt.2

Taking a shot full of chemicals is one thing, killing yourself knowingly is another.

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No one is free from the lies of the past.

Never look the same way at a politician again after September 11, 2021.

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How To Make A Virus

This is what they WANT you to see by "accident" in the future.

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The Most Hated President.

The weak put the weak in charge to make them fail. Biden is failing.

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The Truth About JFK/911.

The demise of America has been planned since 1700. REVOLT!

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# 4 OFFICER TATUM CHANNEL Officer Tatum go there
# 5 The SALTY CRACKER CHANNEL Salty Cracker go there
# 6 Media News Network Joel Davis go there
# 7 - ROCK AND MUSIC I Play go there
# 8 SELLCLONE WARS go there

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